Craft Store Coupon Round Up!


I know quite a few of our readers are crafters, and have asked me to post any craft store coupons I find.


There are a ton of  FREE mini classes!

FREE Mini Classes



Hobby Lobby


Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store 

(Jo-Ann accepts competitor coupons, Teachers get 15% off every purchase every day)


AC Moore

Teachers get 15% off entire purchase including sale items!!!! (Must present Educator ID)

Hancock Fabrics

(Hancock Fabrics accepts competitor coupons for like merchandise)


10 Aspirin Hacks

aspirin (1)

Many people keep aspirin on hand for pain relief. Others may take one tablet a day to optimal health. You can get a bottle ofaspirin at the Dollar tree! Did you realize there are several other ways you could be using aspirin in your home?


Read on for 10 everyday uses for aspirin, and start benefiting from these pills even more!


  1. Remove Sweat Stains – You can save t-shirts and blouses by using aspirin as a stain remover. The medication contains salicylic acid, which will break down the compounds of a fresh stain. Crush three pills and mix with ½ cup warm water. Soak the stained area of your clothing in the water for 2 hours prior to washing the garment.


  1. Improve Your Plants – When watering your plants, drop 1-2 aspirin in the gallon of water you use. The aspirin  will help to kill and prevent fungi from growing on and around your plants. The same can be done for plants inside the home.


  1. Kickstart a Dead Car Battery – If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road due to a dead battery, drop a couple of tablets of aspirin inside the battery. This will allow your car to start one last time. Understand that the aspirin will completely kill your battery so make sure you can get it replaced immediately after using this trick.


  1. Eliminate little rust spots – It’s possible that shaving cream cans have left little rust rings in your shower. Remove these by wetting the surface and rubbing a crushed aspirin on the area. Let it sit a while before wiping up and then you can clean the tub with your regular cleaner.


  1. Keep Mold Away – Closets and other damp, dark areas are prone to mold. This is a very unpleasant experience, and may cause damage to your home. Put a few aspirin tablets on high shelves or somewhere away from children to alleviate the moisture that could cause a problem.


  1. Relieve your dandruff – To stop the itching and flaking, finely crush one aspirin tablet and add it to a dollop of shampoo before you wash your hair. Leave the mixture on your scalp for 2-3 extra minutes before rinsing. Avoid overdoing this – 1-2 times a week should be plenty to solve the problem without drying out your scalp.


  1. Remove warts – Making an aspirin paste and applying it daily can reduce or even eliminate a wart on your skin. Crush a tablet and add just enough water to make a thick paste that can be rubbed onto the blemish. Avoid using this technique on sensitive skin.


  1. Keep Flowers Fresh – When your honey brings home a bouquet of beautiful flowers, add an aspirin tablet to the water. This will keep the cut plants fresh for an extra few days, so you can enjoy their beauty longer. Bonus: This will help live Christmas trees last longer too!


  1. Alleviate Pain from Bites & Stings – Mosquito bites and bee stings can be difficult to prevent in the warm summer months. If you’ve had a run in with a pesky insect, treat the wound with aspirin to remove the pain and itching. Wet the skin and rub an aspirin over the affected area.


  1. Calm Sunburn – Similar to the wart removal trick, creating an aspirin paste will help to soothe sun-damaged skin and help it heal faster. Apply the paste (finely crushed aspirin and warm water) to the skin, testing a small spot first to ensure you do not have any sensitivity. This tip is recommended for adult use only, as it can irritate children’s skin easier.




Great Deals on Children’s Swimwear! All Under $20!

5.18 Children's Swimwear Under 20 Round Up VERTICAL

   Looking for a good deal on a swim suit for the little ones? If so, look no further! All of these swimsuits are under $20!!!!

5.18 Children's Swimwear Under 20 Round Up GIRLS ONLY

Girls’ Swimwear Sets Under $20

1. Sunny Printed Rashguard Two-Piece Swimsuit (TCP) – $12.48
Final Price: $12.48

2. One-Piece Asymmetrical Scales Swimsuit (Target) – $11.99
Final Price: $11.99

3. Americana Tankini Swimsuit (TCP) – $9.98
Final Price: $9.98

4. Two-Piece Tropical Tankini Swimsuit (Target) – $11.99
Final Price: $11.99

5. Mermaid Rash Guard Top (TCP) – $9.98
Rainbow Board Shorts (TCP) – $7.47
Final Price: $17.45

6. Two-Piece Floral Swimsuit and Crochet Cover-Up Set (Target) – $15.99
Final Price: $15.99

7. Pineapple Rashguard Two-Piece Swimsuit (TCP) – $12.48
Final Price: $12.48

8. Two-Piece Asymmetrical Hearts and Anchors Tankini Set (Target) – $11.99
Final Price: $11.99

9. Sporty Racer Back One-Piece Swimsuit (TCP) – $8.98
Final Price: $8.98

10. One-Piece Sequin Top Swimsuit (Target) – $13.59

Final Price: $13.59

5.18 Children's Swimwear Under 20 Round Up BOYS ONLY

Boys’ Swimwear Sets Under $20

1. Green & Blue Swim Trunks and Rash Guard Set (Target) – $17.59
Final Price: $17.59

2. American Flag Rash Guard (TCP) – $8.98
Stars ‘n Stripes Swim Trunks (TCP) – $8.98
Final Price: $17.96

3. Wave Warrior Swim Trunks and Rash Guard Set (Target) – $17.59
Final Price: $17.59

4. Skull Rash Guard (TCP) – $8.98
Colorblock Skull Board Shorts (TCP) – $8.98
Final Price: $17.96

5. Fish Bones Swim Trunks and Rash Guard Set (Target) – $17.59
Final Price: $17.59

6. Solid Rash Guard, Orange (TCP) – $8.98
Fish Bones Swim Trunks (TCP) – $8.98
Final Price: $17.96

7. Sun Air Sea Swim Trunks and Rash Guard Set (Target) – $17.59
Final Price: $17.59

8. Wave Hungry Rash Guard (TCP) – $8.98
Shark Swim Trunks (TCP) – $8.98
Final Price: $17.96

9. Dude Swim Trunks and Rash Guard Set (Target) – $17.59
Final Price: $17.59

10. Solid Rash Guard, Blue (TCP) – $8.98
Striped Board Shorts (TCP) – $8.98
Final Price: $17.96


Amazon Boho Summer Outfit Deals

Looking for a cute Boho Summer look? How about scoring a few deals while you create your look? Here is a complete ensemble for a Boho Summer Outfit! These items are perfect for a Summer day full of shopping, strolling, and more!



HOT! JCPenney $10 off $10 Purchase Coupon!!!


Just wanted to post a reminder about this great $10 off $10 JCPenney promo code that is valid through 5/31. This would be perfect for that weekend shopping excursion! Who doesn’t like FREE?


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