Relationship Goal: Alleviate Financial Stress With A Plan

In almost any relationship when you bring up the topic of finances or money, you’re sure to be met with opposition. Many couples indicate that finances are the number one reason they have stress within their relationship. “A third of Americans in a relationship believe they are the saver and their spouse/partner is the spender. In contrast, only 21 percent would cop to being the spender and admitting their spouse/partner is the saver. – Suntrust Banks. Let’s focus on ways to help alleviate this stress by focusing on ways to talk with our spouses/partners about finances.

Before you even begin your financial discussions, make it a rule that there will be no finger pointing throughout the entire discussion and that you will both be open minded and allow each other to speak and explain their side of the equation.  Make sure to do this when you can carve out some distraction free time. It’s hard to have a crucial financial conversation with the kids asking you a million questions, or when your spouse is preoccupied because they have a big project due.

What is your debt philosophy? Financial disagreements often arise from different views of debt, from how much to use a credit card to the term and amount of a new car loan. Ask your partner what they consider an acceptable level of debt and see how much it diverges from your answer.

Creating an environment where both sides can speak freely, without judgement, is crucial to establishing open communication, which makes it much easier to dig in and get to root of any would-be financial struggles.  Maybe one of you is hiding deep financial secrets, now is the time to come clean about them.

Once you have laid out the ground rules — it’s time to dig in!

Set Financial Goals

It’s important for both sides to be on the same page when it comes to finances.  In a recent SunTrust survey conducted by the Harris Poll, a third of Americans in a relationship believe they are the saver and their spouse/partner is the spender. In contrast, only 21% claimed they are the spender and their spouse/partner is the saver. If you have one party that just wants to spend everything, while the other wants to squirrel it all away for emergencies — you’ll have nothing more than 2 upset people and mounds of disagreements.  Sit down and hash out realistic goals that you both agree on.

Do you want to have all your debt paid off in 5 years?  Have you always dreamed of having a Christmas Club or Vacation Club account?  Discuss your dreams together and use those dreams to help plan your financial future.

Create a Working Budget

Once you know where you want to be, its time to figure out where you are.  Comb through and lay out all of your monthly expenses and create a monthly cash flow plan or budget.  What are you actually spending on a monthly basis?  Are there any areas that you can shave your expenses, such as your cable/satellite bill, cell phone, monthly subscriptions, expensive coffee habit, etc? I will admit I LOVE having one type of coffee, but it is also one of the more expensive brands. That is one area where I knew if I stopped going out every day for coffee, I could easily save $100 a month. Now, I only go out for my coffee when I have a gift card.

After you know what you’re spending every month, figure out just how much you have coming in every month.


Make a Plan

Now that you know where you’re at and where you want to be, it time to make a plan that you both agree on.  If you have money left over at the end of every month, what do you plan to do with it?  Too much month left at the end of your money? How are you going to fix that?  Is it time to take on a second job or do you need to shave expenses somewhere else?


Plan a Date

In order to keep the lines of communication open, and the financial secrets at bay, plan a date every month for you and your spouse/partner to discuss your finances.  This is important so that not one person is in sole control of the finances and each knows exactly where you’re at financially.  Meeting once a month will also give you a clearer picture as to how close you are to reaching your goals and if something in your budget or your goals needs to be adjusted.


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My absolute favorite method of making coffee is possibly one of the simplest out there, but I believe it offers the punch that coffee needs to give you, and infuses a lot of the flavor into the water. Take your favorite coffee cup and fill it up to the brim with water, then pour it in a kettle and leave it on the stove until it is very close to boiling. Turn down the flame before it starts to actually boil. Now if you take your coffee with sugar, this is when you would add the sugar. Finally, add 1 full teaspoon of ground Community Coffee beans for each 4 ounces of water (this will vary on the size of your serving). Stir at a low flame until you see the coffee start to rise, but no more than one minute. Pour it into your cup through a sifter and it’s done. Add milk or cream depending on taste. Keep in mind that out of all the brewing methods out there, this one will also infuse the most caffeine in your drink.


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Every time I see a new product mentioned in on online ad or on the television I make a mental note. I love trying the latest and greatest products when they’re released. Whether it’s a new pet food, household cleaner or food staple, you can count on me to run out and purchase it so I can give it a try. Most times I’ll go back and buy the items again or put them on my weekly list. Unfortunately, my love of trying new products can get a little costly. You know how it is, you want to try everything but sometimes your budget groans in protest.

This is where PINCHme comes in. If you have a love for trying new samples of products that you’ve been waiting for but don’t have the extra cash to always be spending, PINCHme is the perfect service for you. They provide samples of all the latest products and send them directly to your door each month but the absolute best part is that it’s all FREE. PINCHme lets you discover new and exciting brands at no cost.
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Popcorners Chips
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Every box is different and it will depend on how thoroughly you fill out your questionnaires and how quick you are to claim your samples on sample Tuesday!
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I received free products to review from PINCHme, however all opinions are my own.

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