Favado: New Features + New Design=Best Grocery Savings App!

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You guys have heard me talk about Favado and how this is the MUST have grocery app for every savvy shopper! Favado has just gotten better! Check out the new features below:

Here are some of the new features of Favado 2.0:


  • Product Images –  This has always been our most requested feature, and we’re finally able to make it a reality! No more guessing at what a product looks like when you’re searching for it on the store shelves.


  • Trending Sales – Favado is an app that’s powered by people. Our “Trending” view shows you the sales at your favorite store, sorted by the number of times they’ve been added to users’ shopping lists. The best deals are at the top, saving you time and money!



  • Instant Coupons – With Favado 2.0, you can start saving in a whole new way with load to card coupons. With the click of a button, you can beam coupons onto your loyalty store reward cards with no clipping or printing required.


What do you think of these new features? New to Favado? Read my article here about this fantastic free app that will help you save even more money while grocery shopping!


Heart Shaped Crayon Valentines

I post this every year, so in case you missed it…

Ever since my little guy started going to pre-school, this has been a holiday tradition, for him and I. We do this for Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day (we use various shades of green for this holiday), and Easter! This is a very easy, creative, and frugal art activity that anyone can do. You only need 4 things to make these. The entire project only cost $2 out of pocket!

1. Crayons (we use broken ones, who doesn’t have broken crayons in their house right?)

2. A knife

3. An oven, set for 240 degrees.

4. Candy Mold (for whatever holiday you want to make these for), commonly found at Target. They sell the 2 pks for $2 (for several holidays).

You simply place broken crayons inside each heart in the mold. I suggested the knife, in case some of your broken pieces are too big to fit.  Once your mold is full, pop it in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 240 degrees (oven times will vary).

Once your crayons are fully melted, pull the mold out of the oven, and let cool (we let ours cool a few hours, so they just pop out of the mold). For Valentine’s Day last year, we stuck a heart onto a  heart shaped construction paper with a crafter’s sticky dot, and he signed each one. They were a big hit with his class!

We use various shades of green crayons and a shamrock mold for St Patrick’s Day. For Easter (yep you guessed it) an Easter Egg Mold and pastel color crayons.



Shower Shimmy: All In One Cleaning Product!!


I can think of about a dozen unsavory household chores that I positively loathe and more than likely I’ve procrastinated getting each of them done at some point during the week but I honestly can’t think of anything I hate more than cleaning the bathroom; more specifically cleaning the shower. My shower isn’t disgusting by any stretch of the imagination but there is definitely something about being cloaked in a cloud of toxic fumes and cleaners and then scrubbing all of the cracks and crevices of said shower makes me groan.

When I was given the chance to review the Shower Shimmy it seemed like an answer to my fervent hopes to be saved from my shower scrubbing woes. The Shower Shimmy was created as a Kick Starter project by an ordinary woman, just like myself, who was just plain fed up with toting her cleaning materials back and forth and who was no stranger to spending countless hours on her hands and knees scrubbing away at touch to reach grout stains and other unsavory shower related messes. Karla Lewis Call set aside her sponges, cleaning solutions and buckets to bring us the innovative Shower Shimmy; the all in one cleaning system will change the way you look at cleaning that old shower of yours!

Say goodbye to those dirty old sponges, rags, buckets and cleaning solutions: the Shower Shimmy, comes complete with a Sponge, Bristle Component, Hanging Hook and Squeegee and is ready to go straight upon arrival. Follow the easy assembling steps below and you’ll be boasting the cleanest shower around in no time at all. My favorite part was that I could assemble and use the Shower Shimmy with 1 hand!

*Slide the sponge onto the tool 

*Add 3 capfuls of the Super Cleaning Solution and fill the rest of the way with water. (The Super Cleaning Solution is so concentrated that it will take 42 ounces of fluid and refill the Shower Shimmy 6 times!)

* Screw the cap back on

10931269_10153040835104396_1773024542198058894_n*Slide the Squeegee onto the wand.

*Wet the sponge, and then push the button to dispense fluid


*Begin Cleaning


*When Cleaning is complete, rinse off the sponge and bristles and hang the Shower Shimmy back up.


With simple instructions such as those and a product size that equals that of a sheet of paper, the Shower Shimmy is one nifty little cleaner. It’s bristles go to work on corners, grout and tough buildup stains while it’s integrated push button dispenses the Super Cleaning Solution right onto the sponge. Once you’ve gotten all traces of stains and buildup out of the way it’s the Squeegee’s turn; just flip the Shower Shimmy over and the Squeegee carries away the last bits of dirt, grime and hard water build up. When you’re all done just hang the Shower Shimmy on the included shower hook and bask in the revelation that you now have hours of free time that would have otherwise been spent on your hands & knees scrubbing away! My son now asks if he can clean the shower!

It’s ingenious design, all inclusive cleaning system and easy assembly make the Shower Shimmy the must have household cleaning product available. Whether you’re a Stay at Home Mom or work outside the home, this product is great for anyone who is short on time or who is looking for a way to our loathed jobs 10 times easier; and with a 100% Green cleaning solution we can rest easy knowing our skin, our families health and our environment  are safe with the Super Cleaning Solution!

You can connect with Shower Shimmy on Kickstarter|Facebook to make sure you never miss an update on the latest news for the campaign!


New Year New Finances

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over. The gifts have been unwrapped and the décor is starting to come down. As we face a fresh start with the New Year, now is the time to start thinking about how you can make this your best year yet. In fact, now is the perfect time to grab your financial burdens by the horns and truly get a grip on your spending habits. Why not make 2015 the year you resolve to change the way you view money? After all, the demands and expectations of the holidays likely took a toll on your bank account, so this is the perfect opportunity for you and your family to collectively make some much needed changes to your budget. The New Year is a fresh start, but also marks the beginning of uncertain future and unpredictable events.
A realistic and smart approach to finances not only helps to plan for the future, but it offers a sense of peace and freedom. You see, living paycheck to paycheck is stressful, and especially if an unexpected expense comes along, failure to plan ahead will leave you in a pinch. Sometimes, poor spending habits can dump you at the bottom of a very deep hole with no ladder to climb out.
Take the next steps to a more financially secure year by creating a detailed budget. Keeping track of your household income verses expenditures will help you determine exactly where your money is going. Seeing your expenses on paper also helps some families to visualize exactly which items are necessary and which ones are simply frivolous luxuries. Financial experts recommend maintaining living expenses (like housing, food, cars etc.) to no more than 80-90% of your total income. The remaining 10-20% should be put into savings.
If you have a hard time making regular contributions to your savings account, consider having a certain portion of your paycheck automatically transferred before you’re even tempted to spend it. There are also a variety of different savings plans found online that specifically coach people on how much to save each week. Many of these schedules offer smaller contributions in the beginning that gradually increase over many weeks or months.
Re-evaluate your household bills and determine if all services are being utilized to their fullest extent. Things like landline telephones and cable are becoming less popular as more folks rely on cell phones and live entertainment streaming via smart phone or tablet device. Also, don’t be afraid to call your service providers and request promotional prices or any discounts they may currently have available. Most companies would much rather offer you a discount than to lose your account entirely.
Minimize money spent on food by making a meal plan and sticking to a very strict grocery list. Make eating out a treat for special occasions only. Take advantage of valuable savings offered through coupons and various mobile apps that have been designed to promote the best deals in your area.
Clean out your closets and discard, sell, or donate your family’s unused clothing and toys. Not only will you purge the unnecessary dust collectors, but items in good condition may be sold for extra cash or donations can be used as a small tax write off.
Get your family involved in the budget. Work as a team to make conscious efforts toward a responsible financial plan. Regardless of the gifts that were left under the tree this season, teaching your kids how to plan for a secure and stable future is perhaps the best gift they could ever receive. Do yourself, and your whole family a favor by making smart financial choices your 2015 New Year’s resolution.

52 Week Money Challenge 2015!!!


For those of you, who have made the resolution to save money in 2015, here are some great and FREE printables to help you do just that! I have 4 different printables to help you on your journey, pick one or all four, they are all FREE! It’s my first “Paying It Forward” moment of 2015!

The idea behind the 52 Week Money Challenge, is that by the end of 2015 you will have put aside $1,378!!! The first week, you put $1 into your savings account, jar, envelope, whatever method you choose. The 2nd week, $2, the 3rd week $3, and so on. OR start the money challenge in reverse: 1st week put in $52, 2nd week $51, 3rd week $50, etc… There are so many different ways to do this. This can be done with any budget and I want you to be successful! Here’s to a great and prosperous 2015!!!

52 Week Money Challenge Chart:


52 Week Money Challenge Reversed Chart: 52reverse

52 Money Challenge Double Up Chart: 


52 Money Challenge Planning Worksheet:


52 Money Challenge Blank Worksheet: