Kookopa: High End Fashion For A Fraction Of the Cost!!!


Recently at a blogger conference I had to privilege of coming across a company called Kookopa that gave me the exciting opportunity to wear three high end and very fashionable articles of clothing for 5 days. I was indulged with a beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg floral dress which retails for $595 and an eye-catching sparking top with black slacks by Vince that normally would cost $295.

52170_10152634002659396_8387838665212443861_oI felt like a Princess in this dress by Diane Von Furstenberg! 

The absolute cherry of the sundae was a gorgeous Jimmy Choo hobo bag that retails at a whopping $2,695! It had sort of a basket weave pattern and gold accents and it was hot. Just carrying a purse with a Jimmy Choo label made me feel special.


At first I was nervous carrying it, and kept in the empty seat beside me on the airplane, so I could keep an eye on it.

I felt very spoiled and knew I could get maybe a little too used to this..

The great news is this Kookopa is actually in the business of making the dream of high fashion clothes a reality even for those who could not otherwise afford it. Yes even a country girl like me can become a high fashion queen. I may have needed help from two other girls to get into the DVF dress but that’s another story… it was worth it! I received so many compliments that night! Kookopa offers a subscription service where every month you can pick 3 pieces to rent for the entire month. You can wear them as often as you want during that time. You can even swap out a piece for free if it doesn’t fit so you know you’ll always get enjoyment out of every piece. Dry-cleaning, insurance and shipping are all included so they take all the worry out of the process.


There are two different options when shopping with Kookopa: Event Based & Monthly subscription. The monthly subscription is less than a J. Crew Dress so it is way more affordable than spending thousands and thousands of dollars building up a high fashion wardrobe that quickly will go out of fashion and needs to be replaced.  The event based option is perfect for those who need a knockout dress for a Military Ball, wedding, or cocktail party. You only pay for that item (no subscription costs), and you can choose to rent your outfit for 5 days, 2 weeks, or even a month! I see more Diane Von Furstenberg in my future!

When you are ready to return your items, simply put them in the prepaid shipping envelope! Kookopa takes care of the dry cleaning for you!

I honestly had no idea that this concept even existed but I’ll definitely be using Kookopa for events in the future. Getting to peruse through the choices every month to pick my top selections will be unlike a normal shopping trip to the mall. My feet won’t hurt, I won’t feel stressed about what I’m spending and I’ll be getting the pieces I normally would be staring at longingly through the store window knowing that I can’t afford. This country girl is now going to be rocking high fashion!

Sign up today and get $50 off your first rental!


Holiday Gift Card Bonus Offers

Holiday Gift Card Bonus Offers thismommy

Restaurant Gift Card Bonus Offers 2014!

Max & Erma’s: receive a $5 bonus card for every $25 you buy in gift cards. Bonus cards are valid 1/1/ – 3/31/15.

Rusty Bucket : receive a $10 bonus card when you buy $50 gift card purchase. Bonus card valid 1/2/15-2/28/15 (This is one of my faves!)

Maggianos: receive a $20 promotional Bonus Card for every $100 in gift cards. Plus receive a subscription to Food and Wine Magazine Promotional Gift Card valid on $50+ purchase from 1/2- 2/28/15.

Applebee’s: receive a $10 bonus card when you buy $50 gift cards. Bonus card expires 2/28/15.

Bonefish Grill: receive $20 bonus gift card when you buy $100 in gift cards. Bonus card redeemable 1/1-2/11/15.

Bravo: receive $20 in bonus gift card with every $100 in gift cards. Bonus card redeemable 1/1-3/15/15.

Brio: receive $20 in bonus gift card with every $100 in gift cards. Bonus card redeemable 1/1-3/15/15.

Bucca di Beppo: receive a $10 reward card when you buy a $50 gift card. Reward card valid 1/1-2/12/15

California Pizza Kitchen: receive a $20 rewards card when you buy $100 worth of gift cards. Bonus card valid 1/12-3/1/15.

Carrabba’s: receive $20 in bonus gift card when you buy $100 in gift cards. Bonus card redeemable 1/1-2/10/15.

Champps: receive a $10 Extra Points Card with every $50 gift card purchase.

First Watch: receive $20 Bonus Bucks when you buy $100 in gift cards. Bonus Bucks valid 1/1-2/28/15.

Joe’s Crab Shack: receive $30 in coupons when you buy $25 in gift cards.

Montgomery Inn: receive a $20 bonus gift card when you buy $100 in gift cards. Bonus card valid 1/2-3/31/15.

Outback Steakhouse: receive $20 bonus gift card when you buy $100 in gift cards. (you can even make personalized gift cards, including pictures). Bonus card redeemable 1/1-2/11/15.

Roy’s: receive $20 bonus gift card when you buy $100 in gift cards. Bonus card redeemable 1/1-2/11/15.

Ruby Tuesday: receive $5 bonus coupon when you buy $25 and $15 bonus coupon when you buy $50 in Ruby Tuesday Gift Cards (plus free Shipping!). Free bonus coupons delivered via email and are valid from 1/2/15-2/28/15.

Smashburger: receive $5 Smash Cash when you buy $25 in gift cards. Smash Cash valid 1/1-1/31/15.

Steak ‘n Shake: receive a $5 Bonus certificate when you buy $20 in gift cards. Certificate valid 1/5-2/28/15.

Tony Roma’s: receive $15 in RomaBucks For every $50 in Tony Roma’s Gift Cards you purchase. RomaBucks are valid 1/2 – 3/24/15.

Retail Gift Card Bonus Offers 2014!

Barnes & Noble: receive free $10 eGift Card when you buy $75 or more of Gift Cards or eGift Cards.

The Children’s Place: receive a $10 off coupon when you buy $40 in Gift Cards.

DSW: receive a $5 bonus gift card and free box when you buy $50 in gift cards thru 12/26/14. Bonus card is valid between 1/9-1/24/15.

Giant Eagle: receive $0.20 in Fuel Perks for every $50 in gift card purchases. Just 6 cards are participating: The Children’s Place, The Limited, Cold Stone Creamery, Applebee’s, Domino’s Pizza, Visa Gift Card. (Some locations are not restricted to just these 6)

Half Price Books: receive a $5 bonus gift card when you buy $25 in gift cards. Gift cards must be purchased by 12/24/14, bonus gift card valid 1/1-1/31/15.


5 Healthy Thanksgiving Ingredient Swaps


Thanksgiving should be a time of gratitude, family, friends and good times, not food comas and bloated bellies. If you make an effort to eat well everyday, you don’t have to throw your healthy habits out the window on Thanksgiving. Instead, clean up your favorite holiday meals with these healthy Thanksgiving swaps. We’re not saying go full-on tofurkey, but by choosing better-for-you ingredients, you can make the holiday healthier for you and your loved ones.

Traditional: Stuffing & White Rice
Healthy: Quinoa or Sprouted Grains
Stuffing gets an easy, healthier upgrade when made with quinoa or sprouted grains like brown or wild rice. Quinoa is a protein- and fiber-rich pseudograin, so it’s a great choice for any veg guests.

Traditional: Candied Sweet Potatoes & Marshmallows
Healthy: Baked Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Oil & Cinnamon
If you’ve ever baked, steamed or roasted a sweet potato, you know this healthy root veg is plenty sweet without marshmallows and added sugar. Try dressing your sweet potato side dish with coconut oil and cinnamon. Coconut oil provides beneficial fats that your body can more easily metabolize, which means you’ll less likely feel like you need a post-meal nap. Cinnamon is a superfood in its own right: It’s loaded with antioxidants and helps balance blood sugar levels. Simply bake sweet potatoes and swipe with coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon before serving.

Traditional: Canned Cranberry Sauce
Healthy: Natural Cranberries, Chutney, Jams, Spreads
Chutney, jams, spreads … canned cranberry has a lot of competition and the other options tend to be lower in sugar and sodium. Not to mention real cranberries are loaded with vitamin C, manganese and fiber. If your friends and family are open to the exotic, try thischipotle cranberry orange relish. For a more traditional cranberry, go with this cranberry sauce with port. Can the canned cran … it likely contains BPA, too.

Traditional: White & Refined Baking Flours
Healthy: Whole Wheat, Gluten Free & Sprouted Flours
We admit that going from white flours to gluten-freesprouted or whole grain flours can change the consistency of texture of certain types of desserts, so you may need to whip up your favorite holiday dessert before the big day to make sure you get it right. Taking this extra step pays off big when you can serve your loved ones a better-for-you dessert.

Traditional: Fats & Sugar
Healthy: Unsweetened Applesauce
Did you know you could replace sugar and butter in recipes with unsweetened applesauce? Use a cup of applesauce for every cup of sugar called for in a recipe (just be sure to reduce the amount of liquid by ¼ cup) to reduce sugar levels and cut calories. It also makes desserts nice and moist. Unsweetened applesauce also works for replacing fats in sweet treats. Try ½ cup of applesauce and ½ cup of fat for every 1 cup of fat (butter, oil, etc.) in the recipe.


Image Source: http://media.abesmarket.com/media/scoop/article/healthythanksgiving_header.jpg


MyCouponKeeper: Review & Giveaway


I was  given the opportunity to review the The MyCouponKeeper Deluxe System earlier this year, and I LOVE it. I have tried just about every coupon filing method out there. These methods usually ended up with my coupons in the floor, coupons not fitting in sleeves, etc.

All of my frustrations with keeping all of my coupons organized and in one spot, stopped when I started using  The MyCouponKeeper System. It literally took me just minutes to set up the box, with the labels that it came with. The labels were all the major categories that you have coupons for: Baby, Beverages, Cereal, Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Batteries, etc. There are even labels for rebates, Entertainment, High Value Coupons, and even a label for coupons that are expiring soon.

As a mom with a full time job, a very active little guy (activities 3 week nights a week), and a full volunteering schedule, I need a couponing system that works for me.

When I first set up MyCouponKeeper Deluxe System it only took me 20 minutes for me to put the labels on the coupon dividers and another 30 minutes to put my coupons in it’s appropriate place. Love it!!!

The box in the MyCouponKeeper Deluxe System fits perfectly in the front of the shopping cart. It also snaps tightly so even if a toddler shakes it and throws it in the floorboard of your car it will not pop open, so your coupons are safe! This system also comes with 2 folders that are perfect for those quick shopping trips. I simply pull out the coupons I need from  MyCouponKeeper, put them in my folder and head into the store. I love this system.


Now for the giveaway portion of this review. The creator of MyCouponKeeper, Brandi Ackerman has given us another Deluxe MyCouponKeeper for a LOCAL reader of Savannah Savvy Shopper/This Mommy Saves Money! Enter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Top Money Saving Phone Apps!

Updated 11/13/14

I taught a class earlier today where someone asked what phone apps I recommended for couponers to maximize their savings, no matter what type of couponer they were (extreme, dedicated, casual, or the if I remember to bring the coupons with me to the store couponer). I have written about all of these apps before, but here are all of them in the same place.


1. Favado  Favado is a mobile savings app that helps shoppers stop overspending by notifying them when their favorite items are on sale. Favado has money saving experts who hand select sales and coupons every week — in more than 65,000 grocery and drugstores nationwide — to enable discovery of the best deals for savings up to 70% on everyday items.


2. IbottaIbotta is a fun and easy way to earn $20 or more each time you go shopping. The more you use it, the better and more personalized your offers become.

Here’s how Ibotta works:

  1. Get the Ibotta app HERE
  2. Pick out the coupons for products you want
  3. Buy your products
  4. Take a picture of your receipt and submit it.
  5. Ibotta will send you cash for your purchases, you can redeem for gift cards for Starbucks, Redbox, and more!
  6. Every time you redeem an offer Ibotta will send you another one!
  7. By using Ibotta it will learn what you like, and will personalize the product coupons it sends you.

3. CheckOut 51:

Here is yet another FREE tool that will help you save even more money while shopping! What if I told you they will pay you for buying the products you already buy!?!

Here is how Checkout 51 works:


  •  Sign up Here (it’s FREE!)
  • See what offers are available on the offer page. New offers are added every Thursday at 12 am and expire the following Wednesday at 11:59 PM (see the offers that go live 1/16 below):


  • After you go shopping, submit your receipt, and get cash back for any of the products that you bought that are on the offer page!!


  • Get a check in the mail once your balance reaches $20!!




Check this app out! A new savings app called Snap gives you money back on some of your every day purchases! This app will work no matter where you shop, and works for BOTH Android and iPhone users! I just scored a $1 for buying a gallon of milk! There are more hot offers like $1 off any loaf of bread (which will make this free at many stores), $2 on Huggies, Chobani savings, and so much more! What are you waiting for get yours now!

5. Walmart Savings Catcher

If you shop at Wal-mart you will like this program that is now working nationwide!


“If a local competitor has a lower advertised price, you get an eGift Card for the difference”

It is actually very simple and only has a few steps

  1. Enter your receipt number or scan the barcode here
  2. Walmart will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product.
  3. If Savings Catcher finds a lower advertised price, you get the difference, back on a WalmartRewards eGift Card!

You can submit up to 7 receipts per week to Savings Catcher.

There are a few promotions that Savings Catcher do not include: 

  • Items that require a separate purchase to get the advertised price (example: “Buy oatmeal to get cereal for $1.”)
  • Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get a free product (example: “Buy both oatmeal & cereal to get milk for free.”)
  • Items that require a purchase to get a gift card (example: “Buy a 12 pack of paper towels to get a $5 gift card.”)
  • Buy one get one free (BOGO) deals where no item price is listed (example: Peter Pan Peanut Butter, buy one, get one free. Save up to $2.50.”)
  • Going out of business or closeout prices.
  • Percentage off (example: “All mascara, 40% off.)
  •  Online purchases

I am interested to see how this program plays out. This could be very good for consumers. What are your thoughts?