19 Kid Friendly Earth Day Activities

  1. Compost your fruit and veggie scraps and watch your garden bloom!
  2. Buy, fill and refill reusable water bottles — help keep millions of single-use plastic bottles out of landfill.
  3. Save a tree! Use both sides of your notebook paper.
  4. Visit a zoo or farm and learn how to care for animals. It’ll promote local food, too.
  5. Go for a family walk or bike ride and help keep the Earth cool.
  6. Get everyone a pair of work gloves and pick up trash in your neighborhood or town.
  7. Buy or make your own green cleaning products and spring clean your home.
  8. Grow a community garden and nourish your neighborhood green spaces.
  9. Plant more trees in your town — they’ll help clean the air.
  10. Help remove stuck plastic bags out of trees. And switch to reusable bags instead … for everything!
  11. Make an appointment with your town leaders to add more neighborhood trash cans and recycling bins — or start a recycling program.
  12. Collect glass food jars to paint and turn into candle holders (and use soy-based candles!).
  13. Love surprises? Plant bulbs and flower seeds and keep a weather eye for spring blossoms!
  14. “Turn off the lights!” Make switch plate reminders for your whole house.
  15. Show your kids the beauty of the beach. Collect shells and rocks for art projects.
  16. Make extra food for dinner then ditch BPA-lined plastic and get glass storage containers instead for leftovers.
  17. Transform colorful magazine pages, comics and more into artful projects and gift wrappers.
  18. Learn how to donate/recycle old computer equipment and post instructions (with permission, of course) at your local library, cafes, electronics stores and more.
  19. Breathe in nature: Turn off the a/c and open a window to the world.

Bonus activity: Just get outside and play!


National Pretzel Day = Free Pretzels!


National Pretzel day 2014 is Saturday April 26th! On this day we celebrate all the wonderful things about pretzels. My favorite thing about this day, is that it means Free Pretzels! I have found a few places offering Free Pretzels on 4/26:

  • Philly Soft Pretzel Factory: 1 Free Pretzel (No purchase necessary).
  • Pretzelmaker  1 FREE soft pretzel (standard salted or unsalted

What is your favorite type of pretzel?


Family Earth Day Activities


Earth Day is a tremendous opportunity to celebrate the miraculous wonder of our great planet. It is absolutely remarkable just how perfect and purposeful every individual molecular pathway comes together to create a functioning sphere the supports such an array of beautiful prosperity. There are plenty of ways that families can observe and celebrate this occasion.


(A chipmunk enjoying his lunch at Mt Saint Helen’s.)

Planting a tree, tending a garden, or pruning the flower bed are all traditional activities that most families can enjoy together in order to enhance and pay tribute to the capabilities of the yielding soil. Although these are great projects, there are a few less traditional activities that encourage community cooperation, assisting those in need, and truly educating our youth about the reason and purpose behind observing Earth Day.


Consider taking a tour of a local recycling facility or landfill. It is one thing to practice resourcefulness at home, but to actually see the effects of waste and overuse can be quite profound. Speak with a professional who can explain the process of how certain materials may be recycled, and how long other items might take to fully decompose in landfill. Seeing the impact of our habits face-to-face can certainly transform the way we think about taking care of our Earth and all the resources in it.

931258_10151625786169396_323946945_n(My son and a friend taking care of a garden at a local Nursing Home)

Your family might consider visiting a nursing home where residents are no longer physically able to work outside. Perhaps you could help them plant flowers for indoors, or maybe spend a day encouraging and assisting with recycling. Check with the elderly people in your neighborhood as well. Ask if they need any help with their cumbersome yard work.


Clean out your drawers and closets and make a donation so that others in need might be able to reuse and enjoy the various things that are just sitting idle in your home.


Celebrating Earth Day has expanded to include more than just honoring the grass and trees. Embracing community, sharing with others, and raising awareness about sustainability are not only ways to preserve our amazing Earth, but encourage coexistence and teamwork at the same time.


Happy Easter!


To all readers of This Mommy Saves Money, I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend with your family and loved ones. I will not be posting as much today, as Easter is a really special day for our family, and I like to unplug for the majority of the day to enjoy time with them.


Winn Dixie Offers More Savings For Former Sweetbay Shoppers!

Bi-Lo Holdings, the parent company of Winn Dixie, has acquired the Sweetbay supermarket chain. Sweetbay stores will close on a rolling basis over a 10 week period and reopen as Winn Dixie stores. This will offer many exciting opportunities for Sweetbay shoppers!
Winn Dixie plans to keep the associates from the Sweetbay stores, so that customers will see the same familiar friendly faces and experience the same outstanding customer service they have become accustomed to.
The Winn Dixie stores will offer many more ways to save, including Dependable Deal and Buy One Get One promotions as well as frequent sales and promotions. E coupons can be downloaded to Winn Dixie’s Customer Reward Card for customizable savings. The Customer Reward Card offers instant discounts on hundreds of specially marked items throughout the store and offer rewards such as Fuel Perks, Baby Club Savings, and the U Promise College Savings Program.
With the Fuel Perks program, customers can earn savings of 5¢ per gallon of gas for every $50 spent at the store. Fuel Perks may be redeemed at participating fuel stations.
Baby Club savings are offered to parents expecting a new baby and with children up to 3 years of age. Baby Club members are eligible for increased Fuel Perks points on baby products, free flavoring for medications, and a $10 gift card with baby’s first prescription filled at Winn Dixie pharmacies. Additionally, members enjoy other special offers and valuable coupons.
U Promise is a popular nationwide program that offers reward points for purchase of participating items. These points may be redeemed for tuition, books, and other college related expensesIn addition, Reward Card cardholders automatically participate in special programs and promotions not available to non-cardholders.
The new Winn Dixie stores will also feature the popular Beef People meat department, as well as Winn Dixie’s Locally Grown Produce From Real Farms. With Sweetbay stores becoming Winn Dixie, customers will have more opportunities’ than ever to save.