Last Minute Halloween Ideas


Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Halloween is one of the most amazing times of the year. After all, it is the only time of the year you can walk outside wearing a giant bear costume and be generally accepted by your community. That may have been a rather extreme example, but in all seriousness, if you are ready for Halloween, you’re all set, but what if you have waited until the last minute? If that is the case, then you have a serious problem as the majority of stores are going to be sold out of Halloween supplies. This includes costumes and probably candy. The following are a few tips you can use as last minute Halloween ideas:

Make your Own Costume

Yes, you can make your own costume so long as you have the patterns, the material, and a bit of sewing experience. You should note however that this is the more expensive option, and you will also find that trying to do this on short notice typically ends in problems. Sewing machines might get the job done faster as long as you have the right thread, so do some research before you undertake this daunting task. If you are looking for something a bit more frugal, you should keep reading.


Borrow a costume from a friend! This is a great idea, as your friends will likely have costumes from previous years. Chances are they will never wear them again, but with you they can be brand new.


Operating under the assumption that all stores are sold out, you will need to improvise a bit, so why not be a zombie? If you do your job right, you can create a family friendly zombie outfit on a rather frugal budget. If you really want to improvise, you could always pull off a princess costume using makeup and a dress from the back of your closet! There are so many things you can do if you just improvise a little! Can you imagine the infinite number of possibilities?

When you are coming up with last minute Halloween ideas you will need to think of things that no one else can come up with. Is this difficult? Sometimes. There are so many things laying around your house that you can use to create the perfect last minute Halloween costume for you or your children. Just think, you have your bathrobe, sports equipment, uniforms, and virtually any number of other items. If you are so inclined, you can even take the karate kid route and use your shower curtain! Going trick-or-treating as an everyday object might seem lame right now, but once you get out into the world, others will find you to be absolutely amazing! You only have a day or less until Halloween, so now would be the ideal time to start digging through your closet and becoming the person you have always wanted to be — even if it is only for a night.


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Cottonelle Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths And Coupon!


Bathroom routines are not often discussed, but are extremely important! It’s pretty commonly known that when changing a baby, you use wipes, diaper cream, and whatever else you might want to use. However, that does not mean adults need to miss out on the baby-soft bums! While it’s not typically discussed, sometimes it needs to be said that taking care of your body, in every area, is important. This includes your bathroom routine.

Cottonelle Flushable cleansing cloths are a great way to take care of your body during your bathroom routine. Soft, clean bums are not just for babies, and Cottonelle makes sure of that! The cleansing cloths are similar to wipes, but they clean and moisturize which is important for people who are aging! Moisturizing is often looked over in many routines, but definitely something that should be paid more attention to. Coupled with Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper, your bathroom routine can transform from something “OK” to something great!

Using Cottonelle  in your routine can give you added confidence in knowing that your body is properly cleaned and taken care of. There are so many other moisturizers on the market, but Cottonelle has truly done a great job in making sure that the flushable cleansing cloths are doing their job effectively and cleaning entirely without leaving any residue or unclean feelings.

In today’s society when confidence is a huge part of our day to day lives, and feeling good is so important, you’ll definitely want Cottonelle in your bathroom routine to freshen up, stay clean, and treat your body the way it should be treated. I absolutely love the way they can boost your confidence!


If you are ready to incorporate these amazing cleansing cloths into your bathroom routine to become more confident, now is the best time! For all of my incredible readers, you can get a coupon for $1.50 off the wet+dry system to try them for yourself by clicking here. You definitely won’t regret prioritizing your bathroom routine and making sure that you’re doing a fantastic job of caring for yourself!

This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, but my love for their fresh care flushable cleansing cloths is all my own!


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Smart Mind Toys Review & Giveaway!


I was thrilled when Fred’s Super Dollar told me they had a new and affordable line of toys for children. My favorite part about these toys is that they are educational!

Smart Mind Toys encourage children to think and learn. This particular line of toys include safe science experiments like The Crazy Kitchen Lab, Snow Lab, Mad Eyeball, Amazing Marbles Lab and so many more!
The toys are sold at a great price ($10 max): $2, $3, $5 and $10. Plus, all the supplies you will need (except water, in some cases) are included in the box.
As part of my review, we received the Amazing Marbles Lab ($2), Mad Eyeball ($5), and the Crazy Kitchen Lab ($10).
Science is so important and these toys teach children science skills in a fun way! My little scientist wanted to try out the Amazing Marbles Lab first.
An instruction sheet and a bag of tiny beads was in the box. All you needed to add to this experiment was a cup of water! Your little scientist with adult supervision fills a cup with water and empties the bag of beads into the cup. Please note: These are really tiny beads and this experiment is meant for ages 8 and higher.
The directions said to “let the pebbles sit in the water for a while.” Let your child know that this experiment will take a few hours, however the end result is awesome!
This is after 45 minutes



Two hours later:
Afterwards, my child wanted to sort his new marbles, by color. We then discussed physical change, and he played with the marbles.
The second science experiment, my son wanted to try was the Mad Eyeball!. This experiment is great for the budding scientist with an eye for detail,  yes the pun was intended ;).  The idea behind the Mad Eyeball is that you learn more about the eyeball, by building one! Depending on your childs age, they may require some assistance.
As a parent, I loved how the Weird Eye required my son to pay attention to details. He was really into getting this “just right”.
It is safe to say my child truly enjoyed these “cool science toys!” He is saving the third science experiment for a playdate, so he  can share with his friend, how cool these new toys are!
These toys and the variety offered, would make for great gifts this upcoming holiday season. Head to your nearest Fred’s Super Dollar to get these fun, affordable, and educational toys!
As a bonus, Fred’s Super Dollar is offering one of our readers a box of Smart Mind Toys! Enter below for your chance to win!

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