Halloween Party Dessert: Kitty Litter!

kitty litter

I have made this kitty litter dessert a number of times over the past 12 years, and every year it is a huge hit with friends and guests. It sounds gross, but I assure you, it is delicious and it is so much fun listening to the comments from surprised friends. Not only does it look realistic but they are also putting it on their plate using a kitty litter scooper!

Halloween Party Dessert: Kitty Litter!


  • 10 Tootsie Rolls (Softened)
  • 1 box German Chocolate Cake Mix
  • 1 box White Cake Mix
  • 1 pk Vanilla Instant Pudding
  • 1 pk Vanilla Creme Cookies


Step 1
Make vanilla pudding according to package directions, and set in fridge to chill.
Step 2
Bake both cake mixes according to package directions, let the cakes cool.
Step 3
Line NEW and unused kitty litter box (or any similar size and shape container) with small trash bag.
Step 4
Crumble package of vanilla creme cookies. Set aside 1/2 - 3/4 cup for a later step.
Step 5
Once cakes are cool, crumble them in a bowl.
Step 6
Mix in the crushed cookies,
Step 7
Add pudding to mixture, just enough to get the mixture moist.
Step 8
Pour the mixture into your kitty litter box.
Step 9
Scatter the remaining crushed cookies on the top.
Step 10
Scatter a few softened tootsie rolls throughout the mixture and a few on top of the mixture, shaping them, to look more realistic.
Step 11
Use a new and unused Kitty litter scoop, to scoop out the dessert to your guests!

Tax FREE Back to School Shopping Days 2016

Tax free 2016

Reposted 7/23/16

Here is a list of states participating in Tax Free days around the back to school shopping season.  Each state has it’s own rules and regulations for what is exempt from taxes.  If you know of a state that is participating, that I do not have listed, let me know:

  • Alabama: August 5 – 7

clothing, computers, school supplies, books

  • Arkansas:  August 6-7

 clothing and school supplies

  • Connecticut: August 21 – 27

clothing and footwear

  • Florida: Aug.5 – 7

clothing, footwear, wallets, and bags that costs $100 or less, school supplies that cost $15 or less, and the first $750 of the cost of personal computers and related accessories.

  • Georgia: July 30 – 31

clothing, computers, school supplies

  • Iowa: August 5-7


  • Louisiana:  August 5-6

All consumer purchases of tangible personal property, other than vehicles subject to license and title and meals including to-go orders. The holiday applies only to the 4 percent state sales tax. It does not apply to sales taxes levied by parishes, municipalities, school boards, and other political subdivisions of the state. (from Louisiana Department of Revenue)

  • Maryland:  August 7 – 13

clothing and footwear

  • Massachusetts No dates announced yet
  • Mississippi: July 29 – 30

clothing and footwear

  • Missouri: August 5 – 7

clothing, computers, school supplies

  • New Mexico: August 5 – 7

clothing, computers, school supplies, computer equipment

  • Ohio: August 5-7

clothing, school supplies, instructional materials

  • Oklahoma August 5-7


  • South Carolina: August 5-7

clothing, computers, school supplies, computer equipment  South Carolina Department of Revenue)

  • Tennessee:  July 29 – 31

clothing, computers, school supplies

  • Texas:  August 5-7

clothing, backpacks, school supplies

  • Virginia: August 5 – 7

school supplies and clothing.

Will update this post if additional information becomes available for 2015


Grand Trunk Single Hammock and Tree Sling Only $27!!!


Grand Trunk Single Hammock and Tree Sling Only $27!

Now I could relax in one of these Grand Trunk Single Hammock and Tree Sling!  Super-packable nylon parachute compresses to the size of a softball, letting you easily pack it and set it up wherever you need a rest. Nylon parachute-rope hanging kit and nautical-grade carabiners allow multiple hanging options. Triple-stitched mildew-resistant 100% parachute-nylon construction. Holds up to 400 pounds and only weighs 1.2 pounds! This would make a great git for the nature lover in your life! Use promo code 16CAVE to get this great deal with free shipping!. This is only valid today!


National Parks: Every Kid in a Park Program

everykidinapark (1)
Originally posted in the Savannah Morning News 5/29/2016
In the modern world, one of the major gripes that many parents have about their children’s current lifestyles, is that they spend too much time indoors.
Many children miss out on the immense nature of being around the open world and getting to see parts of the wild that helps them appreciate and understand the world around them.
However, the National Park Service is looking to change these blurred lines of communication once and for all – Every Kid in a Park is helping fourth graders get to see parts of the United States that have gone unvisited by a large number of our youth for too long!
How Does Every Kid in a Park Work?
It is a painless and easy process! Your child answers two questions, about what they want to see & do when they go to a National Park, and you can then get access to a free card.
This card can then be used to help you get access to all Federal parks, lands, and waters! You can bring your family and friends with you for free, too! The pass admits all children under 16 and up to three adults for free. With this card, your fourth grader will be given free access allowing them to explore amazing National Parks in the United States.
Now they can go and see what nature has to offer them instead of just viewing it on the TV or in a book. This helps kids settle in and have some incredible fun with nature! You can easily make a trip of with the kids, creating memories to last a lifetime.
Whether you want to travel to a local site or take a cross-country trip with the kids over the summer, you’ll find that this is the perfect time for your kids to experience the great outdoors once again!
Why Does This Matter?
It matters because one day our kids will be left to the world as their own. When that day comes it helps if they appreciate and understand the importance and the true beauty of the environment. A life spent indoors has its benefits, but it means that a lack of respect for the importance of the environment can become quite a prominent issue.
Now, you can make sure that your children get that life-changing experience of interacting with and learning to love & appreciate the outdoors. They’ll get to be educated about amazing natural sights, learn how to undergo amazing experiences like fishing, hiking, learning about previous inhabitants, and also getting to understand why nature plays such a major role in society’s success.
This is the kind of learning that many children sadly go without in their normal day-to-day lives, and you can change that about your own children in the years to come. All it takes is a quick visit to Every Kid in a Park to apply for your free card!
So, if you have been unsure about what the summer might hold for you and your family as a group, then be sure to check out Every Kid in a Park. It can be the perfect place to get new ideas for the summer that might have been out of your price range previously, allowing your kids to experience the beauty of nature!
Thank you to Jill Anderson for answering my questions regarding the “Every Kid In A Park” program.
Note: Current third graders can get their fourth-grade passes starting September 1, 2016.

50 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect Father’s day gift? I always have a hard time picking out gifts for the people who mean the world to me. I have three gifts to buy this year. My dad who loves country living, his “other daughter” aka his German Shepherd, and Cheerwine. My father in law, who is a retired fighter pilot. He loves relaxing, anything to do with air and space, and desserts! Then there is my husband, the father of our child, and love of my life. He is a big kid himself. He loves to build things, loves steak, and LOVES to read! These are the men I am buying gifts for this year. Here is a list of gifts of all types, and price ranges. Take a look, you might just find what you are looking for!

1. World’s Best Farter, I Mean Father T-Shirt – $12.95

2. Guardian Accessories 12 in 1 Wallet Pocket Survival Tool Kit with Red LED Light [ 2 Multitools ] – $11.99

3. Papa Ceramic Coffee Mug – $13.97

4. If PAPA Can’t Fix It We’re All Screwed – $13.95

5. Guardman 11 in 1 Beer Opener Survival Credit Card Tool – $8.99

6. Belmint Advanced Digital Meat Thermometer – $19.99

7. “HUBBY” engraved luxury gift pen – $22.95

8. Magnelex – Best Magnetic Wristband – $13.90

9. Guardman Black Key Knife – $9.99

10. Best Dad Ever Laser Engraved Wood 6 Function Multitool Pocket Knife – $16.99

11. Dad, I’m Your Favorite Child Funny Glass Coffee 13 oz Mug – $14.99

12. Father’s Day Gift for Dad in Frame with Poem Photo Mat – $37.50

13. Best Dad Ever T-Shirt – $12.99

14. Best Dad Ever Glass Coffee Mug 13 oz – $16.87

15. Knock Knock What I Love about Dad Fill In The Love Journal – $8.71

16. Best Buckin Dad Ever Laser Engraved Wood 6 Function Multitool Pocket Knife – $16.99

17. VolksRose® Premium 24 Pieces Stainless Steel BBQ Set with Aluminum Storage Case – $62.99

18. I Am Your Father Mug – $9.99

19. Ultimate Survival Multi Tool with Pouch – $17.95

20. Jim Beam & Jack Daniels Gourmet Grilling Gift Basket – $106.80

21. Star Wars Father’s Day Shirt – $18.99

22. “I’m A Dad, What’s Your SuperPower” 12oz Coffee Mug – $12.95

23. I Love That You Are My Dad Throw Pillow – $12.90

24. Gourmet Grilling Gift Basket for Men – $63.18

25. World’s Greatest Farter, I Mean Father Coffee Mug – $12.99

26. 12 Premium Granite Whiskey Stones – $17.95

27. Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Thermos 750ml & Water Bottle 700ml Set – $24.95

28. 8oz Personalized Shot Flask with Bonus Funnel and Money Clip Gift Set – $19.77

29. Best Dad Ever Funny Apron – $18.95

30. Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband – $99.93

31. Dancing with Daddy Table Top Picture Frame – $32.00

32. (Set of 3) 2 Premium-Grade BBQ Grill Mats – $21.95

33. LCD Display Mini Golf Cart Clock – $23.12

34. Premium Gourmet Meat and Cheese Tray – $62.70

35. Dad’s Barbecue Company Funny Apron – $18.95

36. 20 Piece Travel Tool Kit in Black Leatherette Case – $29.95

37. Makimy 3-Piece BBQ Tool Set – Gift Box – $28.88

38. 1940’s Father’s Day Retro Candy Gift Box – $32.80

39. Men’s Papasaurus Rex T-Shirt – $19.99

40. Barbecue Skewer Shish Kabob Set – $19.999

41. BBQ Grill Tools Set with 16 Barbecue Accessories – $39.99

42. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Ranger Passcase Wallet– $18.99

43. Daniel Wellington Men’s 0206DW Sheffield Watch with Black Leather Band – $93.99

44. Mudder Classic Smooth Vintage Black Steel Mens Pocket Watch – $14.99

45. Zippo Jack Daniels Lighters – $14.09

46. Bluenet 129pcs Fishing Lure Set – $38.44

47. Mifine Waterproof LED Headlamp Headlight – $28.96

48. Show You Care Packages Snack Packages – $24.99

49. C&L Carbon Fiber Glossy Money Clip Credit Card Business Card Holder – $10.20

50. Star Wars #1 Dad Darth Vader Father’s Day T-Shirt – $19.95