Publix Baby Club: Free Samples, Coupons, and More!


From the time you learn you’re expecting until your child turns two years old, Publix has a bundle of good things for you and your little one. If you live in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama or Tennessee you can join the Publix Baby Club and receive newsletters and coupons specifically timed to coincide with your baby’s ever-changing needs.

You’ll receive something special from our family that will include coupons for name brand and Publix products─all for a great value at your neighborhood Publix.  Think of it as a baby starter pack.

A fee subscription to Publix Baby Club newsletter until your baby’s second birthday. Each newsletter, available in English or Spanish, is filled with practical tips and important advice on baby care, parenting, health and nutrition, even quick and easy recipes. Plus, each issue comes with valuable coupons for the baby products you need most!

If you’re a first-time parent, you’ll receive the American Academy of Pediatrics’ complete guide to raising a child, “Caring for Your Baby and Young Child”—a $20 value. It’s full of invaluable medical and child-rearing advice from birth to age five. You’ll turn to it time and time again.


Free Pool Safety Guide + $5 Coupon


If you own a pool, and have children, you know how important pool safety is. Keep your loved ones safe is of the utmost importance and should not be overlooked. Every year, on average, 5,200 children suffer pool related injuries and 390 will pass away due to drowning. Grab this free 5 page guide on pool safety + a $5 coupon from Pool Supply World.



FREE Minecraft Geometry Unit!


Capture your children’s Minecraft interest and use it to help them learn Geometry! You won’t find a better price anywhere!

“This elementary mathematics unit incorporates activities and images to engage your child in the study of geometry. Colorful original graphics add interest that makes it easy to learn the basics of different types of basic angles. Applications to the popular video game Minecraft™ are included to extend learning beyond the unit. In addition, tasks are assigned to use real world objects to practice their new skills and demonstrate mastery. A parent instruction sheet and an answer sheet are included for parent/teacher use. (8 pages counting cover, appropriate for ages 8-12).”