Gift Alert: Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon 1/2 Off!!

I am already receiving emails asking about kids Christmas toy deals. If you are looking for deals on specific items email me and I will look and keep my eye out for you. Here is one good deal on the Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon. Right now it is 49% off at only $17.87!!!

  • Imaginext’s Castle Dragon turns imaginary play into a “roarin” good time
  • Features Action-Tech technology and will communicate with the castle
  • Cool sound effects and light up features
  • Strong head lunging action
  • A great addition to the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle

Valentine’s Day: Sweet Chocolate Covered Spoons Gift Idea!

Are you still searching for homemade gift ideas, frugal recipes and free printable gift labels for those Valentine’s Day gifts? If so check out this really cute and frugal gift idea for the coffee lover in your life:


You will need:

  • 1 cup of milk chocolate chips. You could also try semi-sweet or white chocolate.
  • Holiday sprinkles and candies
  • Package of Spoons (preferably pink or red for a more festive touch!)

-Start by melting the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat them for 30 seconds and then stir. After another 30 seconds they should be fully melted.

-Dip each plastic spoon in the chocolate and twirl to completely coat, filling up the spoon with chocolate. Use another utensil like a second spoon or a little spatula to help you spread the chocolate over the spoon as needed.

-Once coated in chocolate, arrange the spoons in a row on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. If you prop the spoon handles along the edge of the baking sheet the chocolate won’t run out of the spoon.

-Add sprinkles and candies as desired.

This will make about 12 spoons. They’re perfect stirrers for a cup of hot chocolate or coffee!

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