Thrifty Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Did you know that we have only been celebrating Father’s Day since 1910? While the idea behind it is awesome, honoring our Dad’s for all they do for us (or our husbands for what they do for our kids), sometimes it’s just not in the budget to go out and spend big bucks on a gift. There really is not a need to do something huge for him when you can gift Dad with a great gift that he will always remember, and still stay within your budget. Here are a few thrifty Father’s Day gift ideas:

Boy’s Night Out – My guess is that it’s been just as long since Dad went out as it has since Mom went out. As a thrifty Father’s Day gift, grab a gift card or two to Dad’s favorite spots and call up his best buddy. Send them out with a hug, a “Happy Father’s Day” and their gift cards in hand.

Grill Master – If Dad is a self-proclaimed grill master, put together a grilling gift basket for him. You can pick up a basket at the dollar store then fill it with things like tongs, different flavor BBQ sauces, grilling seasonings and of course, a funny grilling apron.

Funny ties – If you are buying for a Dad who wears a tie, make him a funny tie gift basket. Grab 6 – 8 funny ties, fold them up nicely, and throw in some tissue paper. Voila! A low cost and cute gift!

Get Outdoors – For the man that loves to hike, camp or fish, head outdoors. Pack the car with his gear and hand him the keys for a weekend getaway. Let him make the decision whether he wants to take the weekend off by himself (we all need alone time once in a while) or if he would prefer to take the entire family with him!

The Golfer – Wrap up Dad’s favorite putter with a new set of golf balls and a gift card for a round at his favorite golf course. Be sure to include a gift card for a quick lunch at the Clubhouse.

Read away – Kindle books are usually priced really well and if Dad loves to read? He will love a couple of new books! To make it a full gift, add an Amazon gift card, coffee or cocoa, a delicious snack in a basket and gift him with the gift of reading.

Photograph it – Photo collages from places like Walgreens are really inexpensive, sometimes even free! Pack up the kids and snap a few great and new candid shots. Order your photo collage and frame it with a spiffy new frame and bow. Have the kids write him a letter telling him what he means to them. Younger kids can draw a picture for him if they are not able to write.

Gifting does not have to be expensive and in fact, some of the most creative and thoughtful gifts aren’t. No matter what you get the Dad in your life for Father’s Day this year, he’s sure to love it. It came from his family after all!


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