Coupons For Our Military!

Updated: 3/15/15

Coupons For Our Military! Our Military families located overseas, can use expired manufacturer coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date. If you would like to be added to the list of families that I send these coupons to, use the contact tab to get me your information, including your full mailing address! We prefer to send them directly to families, as readers have told me the donated coupons are usually dumped onto a large table. This way the recipient can go through nicely organized coupons tailored to what they tell us they need and then pass on coupons to other Military families that they do not need.

We have even been told women have started coupon swap groups using the coupons we send them, so all of the coupons you donate, are getting used! Paying It Forward!


If you would like to send coupons, use the contact tab to reach me, and I will provide you with the address you can send them to.


This Mommy Saves Money talked about Coupons For Our Military in the 2012 March Issue of All You magazine,, and Military savings websites .