Family Bonding Time is Priceless


Our family knows how very lucky and blessed we are to have what we do. We know, because we lost everything (but each other), last November. My husband’s pacemaker failed, he had a heart attack, had to be shocked 21 times, and have emergency surgery to replace his pacemaker, and had two heart stents put in. He lost his job because of this, and we had to move across country to be closer to family. Through that time period, we learned the things that hold the most value.

I’ve already been asked, how will you handle the holiday season this year. That was an easy question to answer. Our family will be taking a different approach to the holidays this year. My son will be “adopting” another child his age from a local angel tree, and will pick out gifts that the child has asked for to provide for his ”angel child”. Everyone in our family gets one big box, and we each fill up our boxes with items that are  no longer necessary in our lives. We then take these boxes to a mission in a local area hit hard by these economic times (one of our favorite things to do as a family). Donating these items to those who will make good use of them and bring joy into their lives!

We have worked in soup kitchens throughout the years and plan to continue doing so this year (not just during the holidays)! We do have a large homeless population in our area and we always carry bottles of water and food in our car so we can help them out. My child now actively looks for ways he can help the less fortunate in our area.

One of my proudest moments as a mom is when he cleaned out his book area and filled a box on his own with tons of books. He dragged it out and said, “Mommy, I want to give these books to some kids that need these.” (He was only 6 years old when he did this). I found a preschool that was in need and we donated the books to them, so those children will put them to good use. Our family will have a wonderful Holiday season this year! Yes, my child will still get gifts from relatives, from Santa, and one gift from mommy and daddy. However the biggest gift will be, “Paying It Forward”! To us, that is the biggest reason for the Holiday season, spending time with each other and helping those in need.



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